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User aliases using auth_remote_user table

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11 June 2009, 10:40

I have Mahara installation connected via MNet with two remote Moodle servers. Moodle users are allowed to SSO into Mahara. For each of Moodle sites a separate institution is created. I have an account at both Moodle servers. I want to set it up so if I SSO into Mahara from whatever Moodle, I end up with the single Mahara account.

I have hacked auth_remote_user table so both remote accounts are mapped to the one local account and SSO works great. However I have a problem with intitutions membership.

Local user must be member of a one institution at a time. If I add my local user account into the second Moodle institution,it is silently removed from the first one and vice versa. Is the a feature? How can I make my Mahara user to be member of both institutions?

Thanks in advance for your help

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11 June 2009, 21:21

Hi - tick the box on the site options page that allows users to be in more than one institution Smile
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12 June 2009, 6:48

Yay! What a hack :-D
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