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Cron Jobs and Site Registration

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02 February 2015, 22:47



I have a feeling that these two are related, but not sure.

When I try and register the site, it informs me that "Registation failed with error code 400. Please try again later." (Just noticed that Mahara spelt Registration wrong!!! I copied and pasted the error message)

I have also setup a Cron job as a root user, I tried setting it as www-data but it informed me that the www-data user was unknown. It works as a root user, so I left it as that; has the following in the cron.log file:

[DBG] f5 (lib/cron.php:45) ---------- cron running Mon, 02 Feb 2015 09:20:01 +0000 ----------
[DBG] f5 (lib/cron.php:146) Running core cron rebuild_artefact_parent_cache_dirty
[DBG] f5 (lib/cron.php:146) Running core cron activity_process_queue
Invalid address: [email protected][DBG] f5 (lib/cron.php:146) Running core cron import_process_queue
[DBG] f5 (lib/cron.php:168) ---------- cron finished Mon, 02 Feb 2015 09:20:01 +0000 ----------

The [email protected] shows the to email address that an email is being sent to using the Contact Us section of the website. My valid email address has been replaced on here with [email protected]

Emails are being sent using postfix on the Mahara server and being relayed through our on-site exchange 2010 server. This works using Moodle, and it does seem to work on Mahara; but I have only started testing the Mahara server and came across this.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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03 February 2015, 8:56

Hi Darren,

By the looks of things if you are getting that spelling mistake in the message returned it means that you are on a Mahara 1.5 (or earlier) which is an older, unsupported version. The spelling mistake was fixed in version 1.6 (Mahara is currently on v1.10).

You could try upgrading your Mahara to a later stable version to see if that sorts out the problem.

Otherwise you can look in the lib/registration.php file at registration_send_data() to make sure that the data being sent is correct/logical.



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03 February 2015, 9:57

Hi Robert

Fantastic, I never even noticed I was on a lower version (I was on 1.4) as I had just installed it, I thought I would be on the latest version.

Sent an email, was slow at arriving (a few mins) but no error messages in the cron.log


Many thanks for your advice.

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