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How many sites use Europass plugin

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07 December 2014, 11:10

Hello Mahara community.

As a developer and maintainer of Europass plugin for Mahara I was approached via email by Dimitris Zavaliadis from Europass developer team.

Older versions of Europass plugin for Mahara use Europass SOAP web services which supposed to be phased out and put offline in June 2014. Since Mahara plugin and other 3rd party systems still rely on SOAP API this service is still running in "passive" mode.

Dimitris and his team would be very thankful if they have rough estimate of the user base or how many Mahara sites/installations actually use Europass plugin. This would help them deciding when they can switch off SOAP API services for good.

If you use Eurpass plugin for Mahara then please write this in answer to this topic or let me know via Twitter (@anzeljg).

Thank you.

Regards, Gregor

PS: I'm currently updating Europass plugin for Mahara which will use new web services. If everything goes as planned it should be released by the end of this year.

10 December 2014, 5:11

Dear Gregor,

many thanks for your great effort for the Europass plugin - for the Austrian Mahara websites the plugin is quite important! We use it

Kind regards


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10 December 2014, 19:59

Dear Klaus,

Dimitris from Europass here, many thanks for your input :-)

Those figures (15k + 3k) refer to the number of Europass plugin users *only* or to the *total* number of users of these sites?

Thanks again,


12 December 2014, 3:28

Hi mate !

Here at the Gymnase de Nyon, in Switzerland, we have cohorts of about 300 students using it per year on a three year curriculum basis.

But we can easily move from the actual system to the new your suggest, without too much trouble.



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12 December 2014, 3:33

Hi Dajan,

Thanks for sharing!



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07 January 2015, 23:24


We use Europass in a small way, but may promote further as there is renewed interest in Mahara from our employability service. Very happy to update the plug-in as required. We are currently on Mahara 1.9.x and will move to 15.04 in the summer.

I need to check the current plug-in is up to date as it seems to have lost the ability to export as PDF!


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20 March 2015, 22:13

Hello Mahara community - especially users that use Europass plugin.

Unfortunately things didn't go as planned (I got involved in other projects that consumed most of my time). To not delay things even more I've managed to upgrade the Europass plugin in a way that it still produces the old version of the Europass XML files, but it works with the new Europass web services.

So this aims to be a temporary solution until I will have some more time to properly create and test support for the new Europass XML format.

The new version of Europass plugin is available here:

If you can, please test the upgrade process on dev server before upgrading your production server.


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21 March 2015, 2:06

Please don't install/upgrade that - the bug has been discovered!

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