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should there be an explicit warning that information on the ABOUT ME page is visible to all logged in users

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27 May 2009, 11:20 PM

Hello all,

Currently all  information (apart from student ID) entered into the "About me" page i.e. PROFILE > EDIT PROFILE > ABOUT ME is visible and search-able by any logged in user.

I know that there is a message on other pages (e.g. contact information) saying that the information  private. BUT do people think it would be a good idea to put an explicit note on the ABOUT ME page saying:

     Information entered on this page (apart from your student ID) is
     searchable and visible to all logged in users

My vote would be yes (to save tears at a later date)

Peter Evans

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27 May 2009, 11:22 PM

I should also add that I think it is good that this information is searchable as it increases the social networking value of Mahara


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28 May 2009, 1:39 AM

Hi - it's only searchable if the administrator goes into the Administer Extensions page in the admin section, configures the internal artefact plugin and makes them public. Though when they do that, no message appears, so it's probably worth adding one.

Admins can search for users on more fields than users, so if you have admin rights that might be confusing the issue a bit too. But I agree, it would be good to clarify the searching around users, as it's hard enough at the moment to work out what fields are searched!

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