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Issue following upgrade

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24 September 2014, 21:15

Hi All,

I upgraded to 1.9.2 from 1.7.1 yesterday and everything seemed to be okay. However I got an email from a marker that he could not access some embeded files. I checked my own account and I cannot access any files that have been uploaded. They don't seem to display in any pages either.

When I click a file in Files  I get a message:

Access denied - You do not have access to view this page.

Cron jobs seem to be running as usual and error log does not seem to have any useful info.

Can you help!



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29 September 2014, 21:24

I have solved the issue now. Somehow after the upgrade, Mahara was not pointing to the maharadata folder.

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06 February 2015, 4:08



I have exactly the same problem but cant find what ur saying. i also migrated to a new server.


And in config on both servers i have it set to /data

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14 September 2015, 23:32

Hi Paul,

I'm wondering how you found out Mahara wasn't pointing to maharadata folder and exactly how you fixed the error.  We're experiencing after upgrade from v1.9 to v15.04 (see post here: and I'm just trying to troubleshoot this and see if I can find a solution within past forum posts.

I will appreciate any help.



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