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Seeking co-funders for Scheduled feedback / assessment plugin

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19 August 2014, 2:24

Hi All,

At the University of Brighton we have scoped out a plugin development with Catalyst to provide a scheduled release date for feedback to submitted pages/collections to a group and to schedule the opening and closing dates/times members can submit between.

Full details can be found on the developer wiki 

Originally proposed in Pedagogy forum

We are now seeking co-funders (in a crowd-funding type way!) to take this plugin forward and wondered if any other Institutions or organisations would be interested.

We have an estimated cost for the development of the plugin and a full scoping report that we can share with anyone who would be interested to co-fund. Obviously the more funders the cheaper the price and hopefully, the plugin can become part of core for future releases.

If you are interested please contact me [email protected]

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