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Using PIEFORMS outside of Mahara

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09 August 2014, 6:41 AM

I am interested in using PIEFORMS outside of Mahara.  I downloaded it form sourceforge, as well as doing a Mahara installation.  From what I can see, I need more than just PIEFORMS in order to get things to run correctly.  I need PIEPORMS, and Smarty.  But then I am not sure what is needed in order to get the following items to work:
* language strings
* Form help
* Creating multiple tabs, so each tabs opens a new form.

I am also confused as to why it seems when an artefact has multiple forms (for example resume), all of the classes are in lib.php.  Can I move the classes for each form to a separate file or will that have unseen consequences?

Finally, when running an artifact, what is the general order than classes are called in order to get a form up and running, especially when multiple forms are being used.

Thanks for any help.


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