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When will Mahara 1.1 be ready!!!

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15 December 2008, 0:45

I am waiting anxiously for Mahara 1.1!! :)

Do you think we will be able to get a copy by the end of the year!! Would be great to finish the year with a  stable version of 1.1 readily available...but I am curious to find out what is expected??

 I would use the beta 2.0 but I would prefer the stable version or anything more recent!! :)

 What do you think, anytime soon??

 ps. Great job guys!!

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15 December 2008, 18:59

So far, my estimates on when 1.1 will be ready have been woefully inaccurate Frown. Mostly this is due to assuming that we'd spend a lot more hours per day on bugfixing than we have. Currently, it's just me working on Mahara, and a lot of that time is spent with admin stuff - the forums, email, client requests etc.

So no, I cannot give you an honest estimate of when it will be out. Before the end of the year is unrealistic I think.

Not sure what you mean about beta 2.0 - Mahara doesn't have a 2.0! 

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