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after install the admin page links not working

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12 December 2008, 15:18

first according to instructions i edited config.php file and everything

succesfully installed the mahara

but after installing i landed up on this page

that is admin folder in htdocs.

in that page i have many links like this

  • Configure Site

    • Site options - Configure basic site options such as the name, language and theme
    • Edit site pages - Edit the content of various pages around the site
    • Links and Resources Menu - Manage the links and files within the Links and Resources Menu
    • Admin Files - Upload and administer files that can be put in the Links and Resources Menu
    • Networking - Configure networking for Mahara
  • Manage Users

  • Manage Institutions

but non of these links are working if i click them then i am comming to same page nothing is happning



please help me ..


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12 December 2008, 23:05

I'm not convinced your installation was successful, the behaviour you're describing happens when the installation failed half way through.

My suggestion is to drop and recreate your database, then run the installer again. If it freezes at any time, then something has gone wrong. 

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13 December 2008, 15:13

hey thanks very much!!

now i am successful

we got an offer to implement this for JNTU one of the university's in india which has largest no of colleges in it.

looking forward for more themes and features.


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