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Mahara UK14 Conference 17 – 18 July, Brighton, UK

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14 March 2014, 6:50

Sea Change: How digital transformation is shaping learning experiences with Mahara e-portfolios.

Mahara UK14 is a UK based conference dedicated to the leading open source e-portfolio software Mahara. This annual conference brings together educators, learning technologists and developers, who have an involvement with or an interest in Mahara and e-portfolios. It offers a valuable forum in which to explore both the technical development and pedagogic practice of Mahara, with the opportunity to network with colleagues, share ideas and discuss future developments.

The conference runs over 2 days, featuring a programme of keynote speakers, presentations, workshops and exhibitions designed to engage enhance and inform the use of Mahara in education and work-based learning.

This year the conference is kindly hosted by the University of Brighton.

This year, in keeping with the location, the conference has a seaside inspired title, drawing on the changes taking place in the delivery of education and in the use of technology, which is transforming the ways in which we learn, work, connect and interact.

Please see for more details or contact the organising team [email protected]

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01 May 2014, 3:01

Registrations are now open for the 2014 Mahara UK Conference.  Places are limited to 150 attendees and at £70 for 1 day and £100 for 2 days - I'd suggest getting in quick!

To register please head to:


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15 May 2014, 0:17

Would you like to present at the Mahara UK14 conference?  We'd love you to!

Complete the Presentation Submission Form by Friday 16th May. 

Submissions are invited on any topic around the use or development of Mahara e-portfolios as part of the process of digital transformation and how this is shaping the experience of the learner. The topics below are suggested areas of focus for submissions.

Please complete the Presentation Submission Form to send us your idea for a MaharaUK14 presentation.  You can send us as many submissions as you like...the more the merrier! 

Important:  You will need to be registered on the site to submit a presentation proposal. (Register for the site here.)


PS - Accommodation bookings are also now open!

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