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Administratively remove groups

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15 May 2009, 13:45

We are new to Mahara and have installed v 1.1.3.  I'm trying to find where I can remove a group that no longer has an associated admin.  More specifically, can I simply remove the group(s) in question from the 'group' table in the MySQL database or are their other tables involved that will cause issues if this is done?
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17 May 2009, 17:52

Hi - I'd have a look at the group_delete() function in lib/group.php, and do everything that it does. What it seems to do is mark the group as deleted (there's a 'deleted' column), and updates the name to be [old-name].deleted.[unix-timestamp] - which prevents name clashes later if someone wants to create a new group with the same name.

We're aware that you can end up with groups with no associated admin, and there's a bug report open somewhere about allowing admins to find and deal with such groups Smile

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