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15 May 2009, 6:13 AM

hi folks, 
find my motivation working with mahara in my profile, also going to join your irc-channel soon Smile 
hi hope these questions are not too much php and less mahara, but php is new for me and these questions answered would help me to jump start:
  • what is happening during the installation? only DB setup? coz i have to know if i should work with the installed version on the server or with the raw package...
  • what about an uml-diagram or any other figure (asked allready here: which explains your architecture?
  • is it useful to use any ide, are you using some? and if yes... how to import the project? tried zend studio but it fails Cry
  • i like modular architecture, but i seems not established yet ( Would it work to delete the folder and change the installation routine? if not... how to find the dependency? Need to know this coz i tend to slim down mahara even more Surprised
btw, i like mahara... its much more than an e-learning platform! I'll prove Wink
So long!
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17 May 2009, 7:15 PM

Hi Damian - using Mahara for your thesis? Sounds fun Wink. Maybe I should go back to uni, I reckon I could do a pretty decent thesis using Mahara Cool

  • During installation, the database is set up, as is the dataroot directory. And all requirements are checked so Mahara knows it can run properly. I'm not quite sure of the gist of your question - if you want Mahara to work it has to be installed.
  • We don't have anything yet, sorry - and I'm afraid it may prove a little complicated for beginners to understand at first. But feel free to dive in, and if you have any specific questions then we can help (also by irc)
  • IDE - I don't use one myself, in fact none of the core developers do. I just use vim. Richard uses emacs, Penny uses vim. I guess you can use whatever editor/IDE you feel like using.
  • In Mahara 1.2 a bunch of plugins will be able to be disabled. For now, I suggest perhaps you don't worry about it, and when Mahara 1.2 comes out you could upgrade to that and disable those plugins.

Good luck with your Mahara adventure Wink
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17 May 2009, 11:56 PM

jeah, searched for a thin free open source user management and a social networking platform for my thesis and i chose mahara because i really like the portfolio and view approach... additionally i also need a postgis database and due to your postgres db support i will only need one db Smile


  • jepp thanks, found the intallation at lib/upgrade.php but its quite complex
  • installed the php_uml package for php ( and created a .xmi for mahara
  • hmm, geeks Tongue out
  • ok, when is mid 2009?
btw,thx for  the funny comments in the code, they make me less frustrated.


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18 May 2009, 4:28 PM

Aha, another postgres fan Cool

  • The installation instructions for Mahara have the details you need - or are you looking to customise the installation process some how?
  • When is mid 2009? About the middle of 2009??? SmileWinkCool Currently we're pushing for the end of June-ish, but it's still too early to say when 1.2 will be released exactly.

Comments: hehe. Maybe one day you might find the easter egg! Tongue out
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