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Decline request for membership to group

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14 May 2009, 22:27

Hi Everyone,


I have a request membership group in Mahara V1.1 and I would like to decline membership to someone. There only seems to be the option of accepting membership.


I guess I could accept the application and then remove them from the group but there is probably a simpler way of doing it.


Any ideas?


Thanks, John Milne

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14 May 2009, 23:26

Heh, I think we've been a bit lax on that front. If you accept and then kick them out, you'll cause them to be sent two e-mails about it, which isn't the best.

For now, your best option might be to simply ignore it. When a future version of Mahara allows you to reject the attempt, you can get rid of it then.

We have a similar issue with friend requests too, you can accept or reject them, but you can't "ignore" them.

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