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07 January 2014, 5:06 AM

This is an offshoot group of the "copy to groups" and "copy from groups".


A teacher creates a template in group called "2nd Grade Science: Animal Report".  The assignment is for an animal report, and the report must contain certain sections: Picture of the animal; Habitat; Food; Family; Predetors.  The teacher creates a template page and stores it in the group.

Right now, each individual student has to find the page, copy the page, and for each text section, has to mark that the section has to be a copy, so all of the other 22 reports don't get changed.

New Feature:

The teacher goes to the group, and selects a button called "Submit Page".  A dialog appears that gives the following options:

1. Submit to specific individuals in a group or submit to the whole group.

2. Copy individual sections or keep as shared text areas.  In this scenario, we don't want the sections to be linked in most cases, because each student would be creating their own section.

But instead of the page actually being copied at this point, it is put onto the individual user's individual queue.  Then the user has to then say if they accept or reject the submission.  This will prevent unwanted items being forced onto another user.

A derivative option of this is to allow a user to submit to another individual (teacher) or to a group.  But an additional option would be "submit page" or "submit link of page"  The purpose of the "submit link of page" would be if a student finished their report, they could submit a link to the teacher to tell them that the page is ready to be graded.

This could also solve the problem of copies of report cards or awards being placed in a student's area without having to create separate groups for each student/admin pair.  The teacher submits the report card or award to the student.  No special permissions or groups are needed.  The PDF is placed on the student queue, and then the student accepts the item.  Maybe allow admins or teachers to bypass the requirement of the student to accept a submission, since something like a report card or awards we would always want the student to keep a copy in their folder.

Which I guess leads to another issues.  Do we have items which we do not allow a student to delete themselves: copies of report cards and awards?

Melissa Newman


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