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12 May 2009, 20:17

Ok first time doing this. I just installed moodle the other day and everything worked fine after i figured out 1and1 needs to have some special things done for the php.ini file. So i went and installed Mahara and everything went good after i put the php.ini and htaccess files in. The problem i am having is when i go to network them together moodle shows up with the public key just fine. But when i go over to Mahara i get the following error:

Sorry, you cannot configure Mahara networking because your PHP installation is missing one or more required extensions:

I have checked with 1and1 to turn that extension on and they said my package doesnt support .dll files which i sent one back saying that this wasnt some 3rd party dll since it has been in since PHP4.  


Any information would be greatly appericated.


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12 May 2009, 22:39

Most PHP extensions are done as libraries (.dll on windows, .so on unix). Even if xmlrpc is bundled with PHP as you get it from, there's no reason why a particular host might not have compiled and installed that module.

So I think you would have to find a new host, or upgrade to a plan that allowed you to have a PHP with xmlrpc.

Basically, they're doing what all free hosts do - provide you with limited functionality in the hope you'll upgrade Wink.

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