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CPD issue in 1.8 & CPD as CCR

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21 December 2013, 1:54

I'm not sure where to place this note to Geoff Rowland about his excellent CPD plugin:

Geoff, I'm noticiing that the Edit/delete icons don't show up in 1.8 - I guess this is a result of the new icons being applied...had you seen this already? Is it an easy fix?

PS: I've just seen a hack of the CPD module on a US college Mahara site for something over here in North America called the "Co-Curricular Record": (CCR) a transcript for extracurricular activities for students.

Here's the demo video (along with some other videos about the CCR from other places):

It's a whole industry I never heard of until a month ago. It would be great if Mahara could play in this space, since this is an example of universities and community colleges acknowledging that learning also happens outside the classroom (some high schools have CCR also).

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21 December 2013, 6:08

Hi Don

Glad to hear you are finding the CPD plugin useful. Also, thanks for the links about the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) in the US, about which I was unaware.

With regard to the icon issue in Mahara 1.8. Are you using the very latest master branch of the CPD plugin from GitHub?

This should have the edit/delete icons, at leat it has on my local instance of Mahara 1.8 running with Default or Essential Theme.

Note that as requested by a few folks, including Kristina Hoeppner, the latest version now has a WYSIWYG editor for the Description field. This allows more complex content, links to resources/artefacts etc to be included in the Description.

Get back to me if you still have issues



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24 December 2013, 14:14

Just added a few more template refinements of the alignment of the CPD activity tables and edit buttons. Tested on Mahara 1.8 with Default and Essential themes.

Available in the master branch from


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25 December 2013, 2:47

Thanks Geoff:

It was our issue and we updated the plugin. We'll have a look at this latest.

I repeat, this is a great tool, and I'm very happy that you're keeping it up to date.

My only issue now is that I use it so much that management of CPDs is becoming a problem, similar to my issues with pages and plans. It'd be great to have a global solution for this, such as the folder system in the files area. Does Santa have coding elves? 8->

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25 December 2013, 4:33

Glad to hear it is now working for you.

Actually, it was the Catalyst 'coding elves', Son Nguyen, Evonne Cheung and Kristina Hoeppner, who kindly provided many of the Mahara 1.8 updates for the CPD plugin. I just patched them in, with a few cosmetic tweaks, through the wonder of GitHub.

Understand your comments about management of CPDs and other Mahara content. Not yet sure of any answer but always open to suggestions. Having become disenchanted with 'heavyweight' repository systems, SharePoint, Alfresco and the like, I am rather impressed with how OwnCloud does things. 
Perhaps there is a way to integrate some of this with Mahara.
Seasons Greetings to you and all in the Mahara Community!
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25 December 2013, 6:57

Hi Geoff:

On a tactical level in those areas, I'm just looking for folders to drag plans and things's not really about file storage.

On a strategic level, looks great - are you running your own server now, or just trying the test.

Is this a personal server for the rest of us?


Plenty of time to discuss in the new year. Best to you and yours!

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