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Issue with Linked Profile plugin-in v1.8

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09 November 2013, 11:55

HI, this may best be directed solely to Gregor,..a comment from testing a recent upgrade

The LinkedIn Profile plugin, last updated for 1.4, doesn't seem to work very well for 1.8

See my comments on the plugin page (essentially that block is stuck open after saving and the full profile is presented with the window that tells the user to get a linkedIn acct to view the full profile.)

Maybe a problem brought on by retractable blocks?

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09 November 2013, 18:39

The problem with the plugin is that it reads the source code of LinedIn user profile and than extract the full profile code (or strips stuff before and after full user profile).

As far as I know the LinedIn changed the code tho show the full profile (that may be one of the reasons).

The second thing is that LinedIn released their API.

So best thing would be not to rely on getting the code and stripping out unecessary parts, but rather rewrite the whole plugin from scratch to use LinedIn API.

Currently I'm short on time, so it'll have to wait (for now).

HTH, Gregor

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10 November 2013, 4:05

OK, thanks for the diagnosis, Gregor. I'm hoping your time will free up soon.

I love this plugin; such a great reply to the people who say "I have an ePorfolio - LinkedIn."

I say: "No you don't, but your LinkedIn can certainly be part of your ePortfolio."

I sometimes tell people not to bother filling in all their résumé, if they've already put the work into their LinkedIn profile.

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