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Mahara security releases 1.5.13, 1.6.8, and 1.7.4

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31 October 2013, 16:14

Hello Mahara users!
The minor version 1.7.4 has been recently released on 29th Oct

This release contains a major security patch relating to folder
permissions, as well as several non-security bugs. Please see the list
of fixed bugs for more details:
For older versions of Mahara, there are also new minor releases:
 - 1.6.8 for Mahara 1.6
 - 1.5.13 for Mahara 1.5

For all users of 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7, upgrading to the latest minor
release is strongly recommended. (1.5 users take note, this is the final
upgrade that will be released for the Mahara 1.5 series. Mahara 1.5
sites are recommended to begin the process of upgrading to Mahara 1.6 or
later. See for more

Acknowledgements for those who helped by reporting bugs, submitting
fixes, and testing the changes.
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