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09 May 2009, 7:56

Help please! I've added my tutor to my friends so she can access, view and mark my on line portfolio but she is having problems doing so. Also, can you suggest ways of improving & customising ny pages - I'm an eportfolio virgin (and a mature student!) who is having difficulty getting to grips with Mahara - I'm determined not to go back to submitting my hard copy...

Wilma Smith

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09 May 2009, 13:56

Hi Wilma,

greetings from Black Forest (Germany)

Please try to explain which problems your tutor has. You profile page shows no visible views. Feel free to add me to your friendslist and I will try to give you tips.

cheers Heinz

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10 May 2009, 18:48

Hi Wilma - yes, do you know what you tutor is trying to do and what error messages or strange behaviour she is seeing?

As for improving your pages - well you can do some things like changing the number of columns and their widths, to break up the layout a bit. You can also try adding some of the interesting blocks like embedding a video from Youtube, or an RSS feed, to make things more interesting Smile. Currently there isn't a way to change the theme of the view pages, but maybe one day we can add that too so you could change the colours.

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