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06 May 2009, 9:43

How can you make it the default for all blogs to be public in Mahara, so not just blog owner can see blog?

 Currently only blog owner can see blog or friends with view access, but what do you have to change/code to make them public by default??

 ps. really would appreciate solid answer!! :) 

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06 May 2009, 10:48


greetngs from Germany and the maintainer of the German langpack.

I don't know in which area you work with Mahara. I think it was a very good and wise decision of the developers to make nothing public by default. A portfolio is a very sensible thing and it should alwys be thedecision of the owner of any item to decide who, what and how long to show things.

Mahara is opensource software so you can go an modify anything. You have to chance code to make it public by default. Where do you want to make the blogs avaiable? In the profil? If you think about view access made public by default my personal opinion is: "Don't do it!"


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06 May 2009, 11:39


100% agree with Heinz. That was a very deliberate design decision in Mahara from the start which totally makes sense.

However,  there is a better workaround!  Mahara has a 'hook' for code to be executed when a user account is created.  What you could do is hook into that and:

Create one blog

Create one view with public access and put the blog in it

That way, the user gets this set up automatically when their user account is created.  They are still free to create other blogs and views , and set different permissions on the other views, which will still all be private by default.

That's definitely a better approach (and a smaller patch) than categorically making views public by default.



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