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06 May 2009, 5:44


Mahara 1.1.2

Email from Forum posts do not seem to be sent.  How do I manage mailserver/SMTP settings? I have admin rights.




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06 May 2009, 18:21

The first thing to check: Is the cron job running?

If you are logging the cron job then you will be able to find this out. If you forgot to set it up, then no forum e-mails will be sent out of course.

One way to tell if it's working is to see if RSS feeds are updating. If after a day you know the feed has changed, but it hasn't updated in Mahara, that's a pretty sure sign cron isn't running.

After that, if you know cron is running, you need to check your MTA's logs to see if it ever got any forum e-mails from Mahara to send, and whether it was able to send them. Once you're at this point though, the steps taken vary wildly based on the software you're using, and are not related to Mahara.

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