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Mahara Spam?

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17 July 2013, 3:08

Anyone else getting spam messages through this site? I received this message:

Chi Onamic 17 July 2013, 1:22 AM
You are receiving this message from CHIDIMA AND ASSOCIATE CHAMBERS BENIN. We are sorry that we have to contact you in this way. I am Oluchi P. Chidima the chief Attorney in chidima’s chambers and a private lawyer to Late Miss. Anna Sevigney,who was a legal CONTRACTOR here in West African rejoin died on 23rd march 2012, before she died she gave me some documents showing that she has a shear worth of valued $17.5 Million U.S dollars with a bank here in Cotonou republic of Benin which I have confirm with the bank. We are contacting you because we find out through our tree search that she is related to your family. Get back to us at [email protected] For more Details Your Full Names Your Age Your Phone numbers Your Occupation and position Your e-mail address CHIDIMA AND ASSOCIATE CHAMBERS Téléphone +229 68292027
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