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28 April 2009, 6:29

 Hi guys,
 Firstly, I'd say that you all did a brilliant job with Mahara, it is really impressive to my eyes.  I had no problems when integrating Mahara with Moodle although I would need to get more involved to breakdown all the possible issues that may come up... For all of this, thank you very much.
 I hope this is not repeated throughout the forum, I don't think so. Is there any technical reason to have into account why Mahara does not use a full-features TinyMCE? For example, in our case we would need to allow users to embed media objects in blog's posts so I was wondering whether there is any constrain you considered at the time and that I am not having in sight.
Also we were considering to integrate the html editors in the messaging system, above all, for  blogposts. For us, blogs will be a powerful tools that some users will use such an 'authoring tool' and 'informal learning'.
From the crowd, it seems easy to do it but I would like to know your feedback in this.
Again, thanks a lot for this excellent job,
The second thing I would like to know 
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28 April 2009, 17:31

Hi - there's no technical reason why it couldn't be added, although we'd have to test it to make sure it was compatible with the html filtering we're doing.

Also, we really need to upgrade to tinymce 3, which isn't a trivial task, we'd have to carefully test the blogs when we did it.

And also also Wink there's almost too many buttons being shown now by default - it would be nicer if we could display a few buttons and have a control to make it full sized, so we could fit on all the extra buttons that people want (undo/redo spring to mind).

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29 April 2009, 3:27

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your answer. We will probably have to do at some stage. I shall let you all know our progress on it. Not sure when we would start doing that but it should be very soon.



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