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Changes to Resume Address field

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21 February 2013, 21:31

Currently Address field in Resume is just a textbox.

Europass on the other hand has an Address field which is actually a composite field. It would be beneficial to try and implement this in Mahara as it would allow better import/export of Europass (and maybe other easier interoperability with other systems). It would be beneficial for users also as this would suggest them how to enter address data - in a way this would guide them.

The Address (composite) field in Europass consists of the folowing fields:

  • s: Street name and number
  • p: Country postal code prefix
  • z: Postal code
  • m: Municipality
  • c: Country

Which is the best way to get this implemented?

What are your thoughts, suggestions?

Is this wort implementing at all?

More info at:

Cheers, Gregor

22 February 2013, 5:18

Dear Gregor,

I am with you on this. I also think that it is a good idea to split the information in more bits. I see other reason to this such as an alumni, using Mahara, who want to find graduate in a spectif geographical aera (e.g. city or country).

And of course it will give more flexibility to import/export data from/to other systems (Moodle for example).


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