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External vulnerability in Mahara flowplayer in <1.5.8 and <1.6.3

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15 February 2013, 16:58

Cross site scripting vulnerability in external library

Category: Cross-site Scripting
Severity: Critical
Versions affected: < 1.6.3, < 1.5.8
Reported by: Wan Ikram
Identifier: CVE-2011-3642
Bug report:

We were notified of an outstanding vulnerability in the default publication of the flash edition of Flowplayer. Flowplayer's authors have not fixed this vulnerability and only offers the fix of upgrading to their html5 embedded player instead.

As these are stable releases, and we do not need the vulnerable features of the media player (Mahara uses it for internal media only,) the Mahara developers made the choice to fork the flowplayer flash project and re-compile with the small changes needed to stop the vulnerability.  It can be found at

Upgrading to Mahara 1.5.8 or 1.6.3 is strongly recommended.

Download links for fixed versions:

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