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Problem with the use of Survey artefact of Gregor Anzelj

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01 February 2013, 2:05

Dear all,

I am new to the community of mahara. I am woking for an e-learning project which integrates several e-services in order to support the education of doctors at hospitals.

One of the requirements of the project is to integrate mahara with moodle (which I successfully completed) in order to keep an e-portfolio for the health professionals. A major issue that was asked is to provide the possibility to the users of mahara to fill in standardized forms as a track of their work/skills/education etc. These forms should be created by me, based on a pattern that doctors follow (COBATRICE/COBAFOLIO). It would be like forms with text fields and choices for the doctors to fill, save and then preview in a page of mahara by them or another user.

The only closests artefact that found to use and customise for this job is the Survey artefact by Gregor Anzelj. Gregor has done a very good work and his implementation permits a dev to customize xml files and some other files in order to create their own survey. This artefact could really help me with some trial and error.

Now, my real problem is the exception thrown: "Plugin <em>survey_title</em> can not be found, maybe you forgot to bind it if it's a custom plugin ?"

This exception appears everey time I am trying to edit a Page and drag&drop a survey inside this Page.
I found that this exception is being triggered inside Loader.php (var/www/mahara/lib/dwoo/dwoo/Dwoo). I googled a lot and most people suggest to delete contents of folders cache and compile inside of dwoo directory at maharadata (maharadata/dwoo/...). I tried this suggestion but the bug is still there.

Please, anyone has faced the same problem, give me any suggestion.

PS. Excuse me for the long introduction. I tried to transfer you the whole picture, in case there is another artefact or solution that could solve my hands.

Thank you.


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