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Git update ignored

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29 January 2013, 5:38


I've had some issues following a database migration so thought I'd runthrough the process again on my test server. I did a mysqldump to convert the latin1 collation of the original database into utf8, and installed Mahara via git.

As the original database was for 1.4 I did a checkout of that version on git, and on going to the site it ran an upgrade to take me to the latest version of 1.4. I then made a backup of the database again, and tried to switch to the 1.5 branch. After adding and commiting files this was accepted - and git status says that I'm on branch 1.5.

Unfortunately when I go to the website it doesn't trigger an upgrade, and going to admin/upgrade.php displays a message that I'm on the latest version and just says 'Nothing to upgrade! You are fully up to date!' - but the version it is referring to is 1.4 instead of 1.5.

I'm trying to do this via git rather than installing a zip copy as we use a few non core plugins and I've made some tweaks for local customisation, but don't want to have to add those changes every time I want to upgrade the site.

Any suggestions on how I go about triggering the upgrade - or why it isn't working?

Thanks, Gordon.

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18 February 2013, 15:09

Hi Gordon,

I'm not sure what you've managed to do here, but at a guess I'd suggest that maybe when you resolved some of the merge conflicts, you've accidentally chosen the smaller version number instead of the higher one.

You can check what these should be by checking this line:

and ensuring it is a lower number than this line:

Good luck,

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