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The 'blocktype' parameter is not alphabetical only

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23 December 2012, 8:46

Hello, I have been using Mahara for some school work, and have to create an E-portfolio, pages etc. for different assignments. Unfourtunately I seem to be experiencing a problem. I didn't download/install Mahara but im logging in through the KOOL moodle site. The problem is, whenever I create a page, and try to drag down a 'content block' (At the top of page it says 'Drag and drop content blocks from the tabs below to create your page.' (Folder, file to download, etc.) it gives me this message "The 'blocktype' parameter is not alphabetical only" and I have no idea what this meens. It happens no matter what type of 'Content Block' I try to drag down. Please help. Thanks, Logan.

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