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default notification types

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11 April 2009, 16:13

I'm adding notifications to my path plan artefact and struggling with setting the default method to email digest.

Shouldn't activity_get_default_notification_type() really be a property/method for ActivityTypePlugin?  This would let me override a custom setting for a new activity type to "email digest" instead of email or internal?

We also need to be able to restrict the availability of notifications based on activity type.  I'd like to not have the email option available, since most my artefact edits would then result in 2 to 5 emails for individual changes.

I also don't really want a large number of internal notifications, so I'm beginning to think I should add an artefact cron job to create a daily digest of changes and then notify.

I'm guessing that in order to have a weekly email digest I'll need to add another notification method?

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13 April 2009, 19:00

For the record - we've discussed this by IRC and e-mail. Yes, it does make sense if they're methods on the ActivityType class. I guess after that rework, it will be easier to see how/where to add those extra things like restricting availability of notification methods based on activity type.
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