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Files not "uploading" on a localhost

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07 April 2009, 10:08

I just succesfully (thanks for the help) installed Mahara on WAMP and am playing around. It works well but I can't upload files. The upload wizard just spins forever. My data folder is


(not in www)

and it has lots of folders which were created during the install, so I thing the config file points to the right place. Any ideas why this occurs?

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07 April 2009, 22:13

I'm running Mahara on a MoWeS USB stick installation, alongside a copy of Moodle 1.9.3, and I'm having exactly the same problem.

I've got a maharadata folder immediately inside the www folder. The folder is filled with a sub-folder structure created during install, and my config.php file also seems to contain the correct path.

 Sorry I have no solution, but you're not alone ...

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08 April 2009, 3:11


check ih you have php_exif extension which is required by lib/file.php (func. is_image_file, line 360).


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08 April 2009, 22:34

Thanks for that advice: that solved my problem.

In php.ini in my PHP5 folder, I uncommented the line:


I then had to move the line:


to the top of the dll listing. Once I did both of these things and restarted the server, Mahara allowed upload of files up to the server limit.

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