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04 October 2012, 7:54

Good morning, just finished an install using softaculous. A smooth installation, just needed to set the cron job and adjust the session.entropy_length setting in the php.ini file. Other then that no issues.

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08 October 2012, 20:30

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear it was a relatively painless experience.


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08 April 2016, 5:55

I am receiving the following error, and it seems like you might have the expertise to assist me.  My cron is not running, and 

  • Your PHP session.entropy_length setting is too small. Set it to at least 16 in your php.ini to ensure that generated session IDs are random and unpredictable enough.

Thanks for any insight.

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08 April 2016, 8:10

Hi Melissa,

Sorry to hear this. Let's see what we can do.

The entropy warning is easy to fix. Please update your php.inI file. Then restart apache.

As for the cron, what do you have in your cron file?

Mine is located at /etc/cron.d/mymaharasite

Also, do you have any errors in your apache log?

Make sure to turn on error logging in your php.ini file (and restart apache if you make any changes).

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