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New on master - reworked files section

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07 April 2009, 2:10

Hi - Richard Mansfield's work on the files section has just been merged to master. Which means that anyone out there who is enterprising enough to play with the master version can take it for a spin! It's had a good overhaul, and as a result has these features:

  • No more javascript requirement! Everything except moving files around works when javascript is disabled. This is a major step along the road to Mahara gracefully degrading for all functionality Laughing
  • It's now quicker to upload multiple files. There's no title and description to input now before you upload a file - you just need to tick the copyright box (which can be turned off) the first time you upload a file. Once you've chosen it, upload will begin immediately.
  • You can now use the file uploading widget with ease any form - the blog attachments is now done nicely, instead of as a completely custom form. This means that it'll be much easier in future for us to do things like add attachments to forum posts.
  • The file browser widget is also easier to integrate now - so in time we'll be able to change the file related blocktypes so that you can browse your files section like normal to get to a file, rather than hunt through a long list of radio-buttoned files. 

So if you're one of those types that likes playing with new toys, feel free to grab a copy from git and try it out! It would be great to hear some early feedback on it, so we can put some spit&polish on it in time for 1.2 Cool
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