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24 September 2012, 15:41

Hi All,


We are running our virtual campus on Moodle 2.1 version and now we planned to use Mahara 1.5 as a portfolio options for our registered users.

We have successfully installed mahara 1.5 on the same server (CentOs/WHM/Cpanel) where Moodle 2.1 is running. As per instructions given in the Mahara-Moodle Integration we did everything and all the stpes completed succefully without any error.We did the following things

1) Enabled networking
2) Provided wwwroot
3) Created Institute with XMLRPC and all the settings as per pdf
4) Users roam permission allow
5) Peers setting in moodle with services publish as per PDF

Everything completed successfully as per PDF. After that we create a block so that users can start using Mahar but when they click on the link of mahar portfolio from the block it gives the following error.

Forbidden -

You don't have permission to access /mahara/auth/xmlrpc/land.php on this server.

The link which is available for users in the block is

which redirect it to

and says

You don't have permission to access /mahara/auth/xmlrpc/land.php on this server.

I have checked the followings

1) Permissions are ok 755 on folders and 644 on files
2) There is no error log coming for this
3) I have disabled the mod_security module also

If I remove anything from the query string then it says Invalid parameter it means we file land.php is available and accessible.

Please help urgently.




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