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moodle eportfolio export to mahara problems

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03 September 2012, 6:55

I'm tryign to get the moodle export to mahar working.

I have SSO from moodle to mahara working fine and I've enabled the eportfolio options as per instructions. I've also added the unzip and zip exes int he config log - i'm running on windows 2008 with apache 2.2

When I log onto Moodle as a student though and try to export I file I sometimes get:


failed to start communication with remote server: files recived did noty match what was in the manifest.

and in the mahara error log something like:

[Mon Sep 03 12:50:41 2012] [error] [client] [WAR] d8 (S:\\htdocs\\mahara\\import\\lib.php:434) Unzipping the zip file caused a warning, but it is recoverable so continuing anyway

Other times the export seesm to work fine with no error messages. However when I click the link to go to Mahara there is now incoming folder created or indeed any sign of the imported file anywhere else like journals. 







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05 September 2012, 6:27

I had a similar problem, but then went back to the Mahoodle manual and double checked that I had all the perameters correctly set. I do recall that I did have an issue with the permissions, and once I had those correctly set, all worked fine.

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