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Mahara in corporates and for lifelong learning

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05 August 2012, 14:39


I'm preparing a small booklet about Mahara for German users. There are several use cases from schools, vocational training and universities. I'm looking for use cases in

  • corporate environments
    How is Mahara used?
    Are you building internal communities?
    Is Mahara integrated in concepts for internal knowledge management?
    What are the reasons to accept the tool? What are typical problems you've found? How did you solve them?


  • lifelong learning scenarios
    Portfolios are not only oportunities for project documentation and job applications. Are there any Mahara platforms that support users to use it for a long time as part of a personal learning environment?
    What are your experiences? When did it work and when did it  fail?

Are there any concepts and projects that are published or people who are interested in a 15-20 minutes interview. 

Would like to hear from you in the forum or as direct contact with me.

Some information about me: Over the last eight years I pushed Moodle in Germany and own the  German Moodle partner company eLeDia. I wrote several books about Moodle and more than 500 videos for people how to work with Moodle.  For Moodle I've completed the German translation now and prepared the German text version of the Mahara manual. This weekend I prepared a Mahara glossary of terms. Kristina will check it and afterwards it can be published somewhere here at
Coming from training and organizational development my main focus is not the technical side. I'm primarily interested in pedadgogical aspects and implementation and starting processes.


08 August 2012, 14:33

Hi Ralf,

I'm actually teaching a workshop for the Sloan Consortium on Personal Learning Environments and Mahara. I would be happy to discuss the results of the workshop with you. Here is a video that describes the workshop:



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08 August 2012, 15:54

Hello Ellen,

sounds a very interesting project. The video is a nice idea for marketing and so simple to do.

Yes, lets discuss this in a few weeks when I've a little bit more time. I'll contact you. When did your workshop start and when do you think you can tell me about the progress?

I red your book (Mahara cookbook) some weeks ago on my Kindle. It was very interesting to see what concepts are possible I never thought about before. I really liked it. You've described all steps very much in detail that everyone really can 'cook with it'.

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