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Retrieving site statistics from database

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09 May 2012, 0:57


Is there a way of retrieving site statistics from the database?

Or is this information stored elswhere, such as in some kind of config file?

If this is possible, how far back can I retrieve these stats?


09 May 2012, 8:49

Dear Teresa,

What stats are you writing about? Do you mean the stats you acknowledge to send in the site settings? Those are sent to Catalyst for their stat according to the nondisclosure rules described in the help file. I don't think that the Mahara installed on your server keep trace of what people are doing (except the error log from mysql / php / apache).


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09 May 2012, 18:11

Hi Dajan,

I was after the Daily User Statistics, found under Site Administration under View Full Site Statistics. 

I need to find out the trends, of daily use etc from users, grouts etc.

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09 May 2012, 17:10

Hi Teresa, the stuff under the "View full site statistics" link on the admin home page is mostly just pulled from the database when you look at it.

There are also a few historical things saved in the site_data table.  These are just the total numbers of users, groups, and pages, recorded weekly, and the total number of users logging in (recorded daily).  These numbers should go back to when you installed your site, or if it's an old site, they'll go back to when you first completed the upgrade that introduced the site stats page.

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09 May 2012, 18:16

Hi Richard,

Thanks for that information! Those are exactly the stats I need to get - I just wasn't sure where to look.


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05 October 2012, 15:00

Hi Richard,

Since two weeks in "Daily user statistics" there have not been listed the real numbers of users but "0". 

May be this depends on the date: It is the actual date, not the statistics of the day before.
How can I fix this?

Thanks and Regards

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22 October 2012, 17:17

Hi Conrad,

Is the 0 under the "Total" column? What version of Mahara are you running?



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