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05 December 2008, 11:48

As I'm building views to suss whichones would serve the workforce I want to ecourag eto use mahara the 'my views' page is getting very messy looking - having all the edit tools there contributes to this lack of pared down minimilism I sort of like. do these tolld need to be there or can they appear after I've clicked on the view I wish to work with?
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05 December 2008, 16:12

Yes it does tend to get messy over time. In theory, you could strip things down a lot if you made some changes to both the My Views page and the View editor - for example, you could just have one "Edit this View" button which takes you to a tabbed interface - the View in one tab, View details in the second and Access in the third.

It would definitely need some mockups done and some usability feedback before any work was begun, however.

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