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Bug with qmail ?

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21 March 2012, 4:25 PM


i am in a fresh installation of mahara 1.4.2 on a system running qmail.

The mailer is configured in php.ini as

sendmail_path="/var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject -f"

This is necessary to send emails with the phpmailer supplied with mahara. I tested this with an example script.

When i add a user i got the error message:

Fehler beim Senden der Willkommens E-Mail an die/den neue/n Nutzer/in.


Apache's error log sais:

qmail-inject: illegal option -- o

Accordingly, nothing can be seen in the mail log files.

EDIT: in user.php i logged smtphosts and found that unset...

Bug or property?

In any case i need a workaround.




Beate Ritzert's profile picture
Posts: 26

21 March 2012, 5:11 PM

Another addition: preliminary workaround found.

I set     $smtphosts = 'qmail';     explicitly in user.php and could add a user successfully. The notification message was sent as well.

A bit ugly. Moreover, it will not survice any upgrades. So how can i ensure that smtphosts is defined correctly in a clean way?





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