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Automatically assigning users to groups in Mahara when user enrolls in a course in Moodle

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19 March 2012, 18:17


I have a functional integrated system of Moodle (2.2) and Mahara (1.4) connected with mnet.

I was wondering if below are possible:

- If a course is created in Moodle, can a group be created in Mahara automatically with the same course name. (As mentioned in the road map of Mahara).

- If a user enrolls in a course in Moodle can the user be assigned to a group automatically.

- If a user completes a course in Moodle, can a protfolio on Mahara be populated automatically.

Do I need to use webservices to do the above?


20 March 2012, 11:00

Unfornatully, Mahara 1.5 only connect one Moodle user to and Institution in Mahara, not a group. Moreover Mahara doesn't recognise the role the user has in Moodle when he 'sso' to Mahara.

I think we have to wait how upcomming versions of Moodle will deal with sso (Moodle to Moodle and Moodle to Mahara) and take part, from the early stage, to the development process.


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20 March 2012, 14:01

Hi -


If you have a reasonable place to hook on to the enrolment in Moodle then you could achieve this through Mahara Web Services -


Piers Harding.

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