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When drag files ,images, and video component to pages it freeze

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16 March 2012, 3:46 AM

hello , I install mahara 1.4.2 ,on centos 5.4 32bit, php 5.3.10, mysql 5.5

the system is pretty well, but something wrong I can not solve.

when I change language to english,  in user setting on screen right-up corner, the system works very well

if I change language to tradition-chinese(中文),the majority of functions work well ,

but when I build a profolio->pages->create page->files ,images, and video , drag a component like  File(s) to download to my page, the freeze happens

the diaglog box do not appear, and the screen freeze, all the category's 6 module about files appears all the same symptom. 

Do I miss something during the installaions or this is a mahara's bug?

thank you all



16 March 2012, 10:24 AM

Dear Ronald,

Being myself a translator for Mahara, I can tell you that this behavior is certainly due to a problem with the language package. I did some error long time ago in the French pack and had the same issue. It is most likely that a string is not correctly closed in language pack you are using.

You should contact the person who is in charge of the traditional-chinese pack to discuss with him about this issue.

But I personally think that in this case, Mahara is not faulty.



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19 March 2012, 4:51 PM

Hi Ronald,

We had problems a while ago with invalid characters in language packs causing this sort of behaviour, and added some scripts to try and clean those characters out of the language packs.  If you still see the problem in the most recent zh_TW language pack from, we'll need to make some changes to our scripts.

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