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Is anyone using Mahara in a College of Nursing or Medicine Setting?

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05 March 2012, 14:54

I was wondering if anyone is currently using Mahara as an ePortfolio solution within a College of Nursing or College of Medicine setting at their University? We are currently exploring ePortfolio options and are interested in Mahara. Our overall concern is HIPAA compliance of this solution. We wanted to determine if other schools are using this tool and if they are finding success in the utlization. I look forward to learning about your experiences with Mahara. Mark N Bodo

06 March 2012, 10:35


I know that Emilie Lanel is working on a project in Nursing and Professional Medical training. You could contact her here (

Look also in Scotland, because PDP and portfolio are compulsory now there.



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01 April 2012, 19:08

Hi Mark - our Master of Midwifery will use ePortfolio to support their other learning requirements, probably from next semester. I recently attended an accreditation meeting with the Nursing Board to demonstrate the way in which we will use it: they were impressed. There is a requirement here for trainee midwives to demonstrate membership of a community of practice - tick for Mahara through Group function. They are also going to write reflections about each pregnancy they follow, and these need to be stored securely but available to their lecturers as required - another tick for Mahara. Contact me personally for other details re the accreditation and I can also connect you to the program leaders.

Our Director of Learning & Teaching, Robyn Smyth, also has considerable experience with ePortfolio in a medical setting. Before joining us at University of Southern Queensland, she was Academic Developer for the Joint Medical Program based in the School of Rural Medicine at University of New England. There is a summary of the program at or you could contact Robyn.

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