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25 March 2009, 8:43


I am using this site as part of a course requirement to present an eportfolio.  We have to create a blog and get feedback from others.  How do I go about this on Mahara?  And how do I invite others to the site?  Formal invitation or just leave the blog open to the public?



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25 March 2009, 8:45

PS  my feedback has to be from other classmates of mine.

And,...once I get feedback in a blog I am to incorporate it into the presentation.  What would be the best way to do this?  A view?  thx

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25 March 2009, 10:06

Hello Sheila,

 The best way of doing this (I hope that there will be no problem with, as we can use this site as our own eportfolio) is to create a group and invite to your peers to that group. It could be a request membership or owner controlled group, so you make sure that only your peers have access to it.

Then, you can create a view with either your blog artefact in Mahara or the RSS from any possible external blog. 

If you are new with Mahara, maybe these demo videos I created may be of help for you:

 Greetings from Edinburgh!

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25 March 2009, 10:17

Hi Sheila,

greetings from Germany Wink

It was a very good solution to use Mahara to create and present your E-Portfolio.

About your questions:

You create a blog in your "My Portfolio" area. The link is on the right side under Navigation.Click "My Portfolio" "My Blogs" and create a blog. The blogpostings could be made privat till you decide to publish them. Altho they are not public to anyone till you create a view and insert them here.

If you want feedback from others, your course collegues, they need also a Mahara acount because only registrated users can post fa feedback. Write a E-Mail to them and show them how to join the community Cool

In the next step you create a view. You will find it under "My Portfolio" "My Views". You choose the needed block from the tabs at the top of the editing window. in your case "Blogs" There are 3 options: whole blog, recent blogpostings or single blogposting. 

You can alter the layout of the view (2 columns) insert pics, write text in a textbox, insert profil information and other godies.

The final step is to give other users the permission to see your view. please give my a signal if you need further  assistance. feel free to ask if my explanation is nonspecific.

cheers Heinz

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