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Scratch embed filter

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12 February 2012, 14:25

Hi there. I wondered if there is or could be a way of embedding Scratch content into a Mahara page in the same way that you can in Moodle via the Scratch embed filter? ThanksLaughing

12 February 2012, 17:29

Hi Marry,

Sorry, but there is no block that can embed Scratch files at the moment on Mahara. I think developers have to design a new type of block for this, based for example on Chem 2D or Freemind, both made by Geoffrey Rowland.

A part ça, ça va?



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13 February 2012, 3:41

Oui , ça va bien merci!Laughing Our Assistant Head was asking for this as younger classes are using Scratch now and it would be nice to showcase in Mahara. I will see if I can work out how to request it as a new feature in the tracker.

13 February 2012, 6:10

You may also contact Gregor Anzelj who has developped and other plugins. Maybe he can adapt his code to satisfy your request?



13 February 2012, 6:49


I have just tried the plugin developed by Laurent Opprecht from the University of Geneva (you find it here

With this you can embed a lot of different things. I have tried to embed Scrach URL, what I get is the image preview and the notes. I can't embed the animation itself but maybe it is a start for you to have "something" waiting for something else more adequate.



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13 February 2012, 10:00


The issue with Scratch is that they don't make use of the oembed protocol.

This may not the be the easiest path but the prefferable solution would be to ask them to support it. OEmbed has been designed just for that and is supported by most big providers nowadays.

Otherwise you can extend the external resource plugin by adding a protocol to support Scratch. The plugin has been designed to support extentions so adding a protocol is easy enough.

The difficulty though is to find a way to extract the content from the page. Which may or may not be easy depending on the architecture.

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13 February 2012, 12:10

Thanks - in the meantime I have added this as a feature request

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16 March 2012, 5:17

Just added to the external resource artefact. Will only work if the project is hosted on the same site though - - as security will prevent loading external projects. Hope this helps.

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16 January 2013, 12:04

I am teaching Scratch programming with my Year 8 students and downloaded theplugin so that they could add their games to a Mahara page.

The plugin works really well with Google Maps and embedding pdf files but I could not get it to work with Slideshare and more importantly Scratch.

I made a little video to show you -

Students have uploaded their games to the Scratch website so there should not be a security issue. We are running Mahara v1.5

Have contacted Laurent directly and added this to the forum in case others are lookign for Scratch work. Will update as I go along.

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19 January 2013, 6:39

Scratch plugin available at

Tested and works under Mahara 1.5 and Mahara 1.6

HTH, Gregor

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