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Cron job is doing a problems with emails

12 February 2012, 1:48 PM

I become administrator of one mahara sistem a for the start i notice that cron job wasnt set up so i turn it on with link from browser like is described in tutorials (put in browser http://link/to/mahara/something/cron.php) but now i have a problem. The sistem is sending a lots of emails that are have never been sent for 4 years ago and my users are angry for reason. It is about 100 emails per user. Emails about notifications, new messages, and so on. And it send it every day at the same time that i start cron. So, i want to know is there any mailq where mahara saves old emails and how to empty it. Or disable it, or something.




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12 February 2012, 3:58 PM

Hi Tomislav,

If you don't mind people missing those notifications, you can just go into your database and empty the 'activity_queue' table completely, or get rid of all the records from before some date: "DELETE FROM activity_queue WHERE ctime < '2012-02-06';"

Once you've got that under control, you may want to make your users aware of the Notification preferences page (at <wwwroot>account/activity/preferences/) where they can turn email notifications on or off for each notification type.


13 February 2012, 1:04 AM

Tnx a lot...i empty that table and now it seams that will be ok,



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