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Mahara and VMware

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24 March 2009, 8:45


 I got the task to set up mahara for the students at our chair. so i am limited by the "rules" of our university`s computer center. So we thought about using our chair`s vmware virtualization environment.

Sothere are some questions:

  1. Are there any experiences with mahara and virtualisation?
  2. If I get it right, MAHARA is a web-application using/connected to a database. So if I want to set it up, all I need is a working MYSQL-database and a working webserver for the frontend? Are there any more requirements?

Thx in advance.


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24 March 2009, 9:43

Hi Horst,

greetings from Germany  Wink

I don't know users how have tried to work with virtualization. Nigel will be a better guy in this are.

About your setup rewuirements you are right. I prefer postgresql Cool

You will find the instaaltin requirements right here:

Hope that helps


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24 March 2009, 18:04


Mahara doesn't care about virtualisation - the whole idea of virtualisation is that it looks like it's running on its own server Wink. So it should run just fine. We run Mahara in vservers all the time at Catalyst (vserver is a linux virtualisation solution).

Yes - Mahara is a database-driven webapp. Check out the installation instructions for the exact requirements Smile

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