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help preconfigured file upload

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09 January 2012, 5:59


may anybody help me to know how to insert a preconfigured file in upload form?  i mean that when i want to upload  a local file to all my students i should like to have a form with  a pre configured name in the upload form. thanks

09 January 2012, 9:52

Hello Tommaso,

When you upload a file from your hard disk, the dialog shows up the files as they are named locally. You can then change this name in Mahara or decide to edit the name before your upload them.

I don't get quite well what you would like to do. Maybe if you give me an example I may help you furthermore.



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10 January 2012, 3:56

Thanks for your answer . yes my job is hardest. i should like to have a PRECONFIGURED file name in the field whwre inserting files or at least the possbility to choose before the directory that is showed when you BROWSE your local computer files.


it is not simple to explain but a worked from 2 months integrating mahara functions in all possible Interactive  Board editors with a simple trick : a popup windows let me choose the functions ( exchange filese , load ,send posts etc)  to do directly without navigation in mahara web site required . it is a hard work for a teacher to begin lessons navigating it is simplest to start with Interactive board editor and push icons to send functions.  ( i added a smart card autmatic logon and logoff to the whole enviroment ).

i arrived to look at filebrowser.php program but i am not able to indivituate how to preload required  fields

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