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Profile pages do not become public

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12 December 2011, 2:17


We have Mahara 1.4 installation.  

In the Site Options under General Settings we have "Allow public profiles" checked.

When I go to the profile page and click the "Allow pubilc access" everything looks good and the button changes to "Allow logged in users only". 

When I try to access the profile page without to login it is not accessible and the login form is showed.

Is this some known problem or is it a problem with our installation only.

Can you please suggest how to solve this or where to check in order to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

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12 December 2011, 15:44

Hi Gjorgi, I'm not aware of that problem and couldn't reproduce it on a standard 1.4.1 installation.  Have you made any customisations to your site?  Do you also have "allow public pages" checked?

If you can check your database, it might be useful to know what the access records are for the user's profile page with this command (for user with id 1234):

SELECT * FROM view_access WHERE view = (SELECT id FROM view WHERE owner = 1234 AND type = 'profile');
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08 January 2012, 10:52

Hi Richard,

I have upgraded Mahara from 1.4 to 1.4.1 and the problem was solved.

Thanks for your help.

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20 December 2011, 23:55

Hi, my prifile page also doesn't become public, I'vr tried many things.

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