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Artefacts from group to display at institution?

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21 March 2009, 16:23

Hi! Is it possible to show an artefact of a group (for example the forum of a group) within an institution's view? I would like to use the functions of groups (for example forums) for institutions. Thanks for your answer.
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22 March 2009, 5:17


there is no way to integrate group stuff into a institution view. Especially it is not possible to show the forums because the are no artefacts.

The institution views are like templates a good place if you want to create a view which you want to copy for different usage. E.g. I use it for my classes. I create a institution view with the general stuff i want to show the classes for introduction, then in the group area i modify this view so that the students see their special welcome "Dear studenst of class XXX" 

The institutions views are not visible till you use/copy them for a special group/public www/person.

HTH Heinz

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22 March 2009, 18:05

As Heinz says, this isn't possible - yet, at least. We are toying with the idea of making forums into artefacts like the other content in the system that would make this possible - but that's a lot of development work.
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