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iframe artefacts

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21 March 2009, 15:34

Hi! I would like to integrate external content as an artefact - for example a google-map...

<iframe>HTML code here</iframe>

Is that possible?

Thanks for your answer. 

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22 March 2009, 18:02

Do you mean that you'd like to do it in a View?

In order to integrate external content into views, it either requires a new blocktype, or a signature added to our HTML filter to allow that certain content through.

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23 March 2009, 10:11

Yes, I would like to load external content within a view by integrating iframe-code. How can I install a new blocktype or a signature for using iframes within views?
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23 March 2009, 11:13

Hello Dietmar,

 I made the request for embeding external  iframe code within the TinyMCE  Mahara editor:

The solution for this is to create a new blocktype, as Nigel suggested .

This blocktype needs to be developed.




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23 March 2009, 11:47

Hi Dietmar,

the installations of a new blocktype is quit simple. You copy the developed code into the  right folder (e.g.: if you have created a new resume blocktype the code goes into /artefact/resume/blocktypes/[Dietmar_resume]

Next step is to go into the admin area: admin/extensions/plugins.php and install the plugin thru a click of the according link behind the plugin name. The new block is avaiable Cool

A good starting point for the development of new blocktypes is to look at the code of an existing blocktype.

What do you mean with "signature"? A new extension for the HTMLpurifier like they are installed in the admin/extensions/filter.php   area?

You find an example and despription for youtubehere:


Hope that helps


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