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Getting no notification e-mails for Admin e-mail accounts.

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20 March 2009, 22:33

Hi, all. A very strange thing is happening with my Mahara 1.0.10 installation. I've been trying to add new e-mail addresses to the Administrator account's Email Address field (Profile->Edit Profile->Contact Information), but no e-mail verification e-mail is ever sent out. The system otherwise has no problem sending out verification e-mail or other notifications.

 Any suggestions for diagnosing the problem would be most appreciated.

A big thanks to Nigel for being awesome at responding to all of our queries! 

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21 March 2009, 0:46

I have the same problem with you. I can not add email account for administrator user
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21 March 2009, 20:04

Hi - so the page says that the email addresses are awaiting confirmation, but you're never getting the e-mails?

If that happened, then I think Mahara has done its best to send out the e-mail and thinks it was a success. In which case, your next step is to examine your MTA's error log to see what it has to say about the e-mail - whether it even was given one to be sent, and whether it sent it.

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